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SHOPPING malls - revitalisation projects - retail development services

Warszawa, Polska

Czym jest pomysł / biznes i do kogo jest skierowany?

The ARS Retail Group a company with 16 years of experience is looking for an investor looking for a company specializing in projects for managers and owners of shopping centers in the field of revitalistation ishopping malls. We have a ready organizational structure, knowledge and experience. We want to develop a field that over the next 3-5 years. More information , With kind regards ,Łukasz Derlacki CEO I Head of Group

W jaki sposób pomysł / biznes ma zarabiać?

Designing and consulting in the field of conducting commercial projects. Each of the projects. profit based on historical data from one project 30-40%

Na jakim etapie pomysł / biznes jest obecnie?

Actively conducted talks with owners of the gallery gallery.

Czego potrzebujesz?

Capital, whose goal is to accelerate and take more projekts..

250 000,00 USD

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